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Unleash Your Business Potential with Looker Consulting.
Maximize Growth, Profitability, and Competitive Advantage.

We collaborate with your team to optimize your Looker infrastructure, generate reports, and assist in crafting tailored solutions for your business.

The Dataco Approach to Looker Consultancy

Amplify Your Data Team

Augment your existing data team with Looker consulting Partners, who bring extensive expertise and experience in leveraging Looker’s capabilities. We’ll seamlessly integrate into your operations, working alongside your team to enhance data analytics, reporting, and insights generation.

Strategic Guidance

Experience the power of data-driven decision-making, operational efficiency, and enhanced outcomes and get a comprehensive view of your business, optimized performance, reduced resource consumption, and accelerated queries at lower costs, thereby gaining valuable insights and fostering collaboration and productivity.

Performance Optimization

Maximize the effectiveness of your Looker implementation to attain revenue, sales, marketing, customer success, operational efficiency, and financial KPIs while gaining a 360 view of your business. Our Looker consulting Experts will optimize your system, streamline data processing, and query execution, and ensure your infrastructure is ready for scalability. Unlock faster insights and enjoy improved efficiency throughout your operations.

Data Modeling and Analytics

Leverage the power of Looker’s data modeling and analytics capabilities with our specialized expertise. We’ll design efficient data models, define metrics, create calculated fields, and structure hierarchies to extract valuable insights and drive actionable outcomes.

Custom Looker Embed Solutions

Tailor Looker to fit seamlessly into your organization’s workflows. Our consultants will develop custom Looker embed solutions, ensuring that the platform aligns perfectly with your existing applications, providing a cohesive and intuitive user experience.

Unlock Your Data Potential

How Do We Achieve It?

We address your areas of uncertainty, from strategic planning to execution.

We are process-oriented, and we love to deliver quality services.

We are obsessed with our customer’s experience.

Looker Customer Success Stories

“Dataco’s remarkable data management and analytics expertise is matched only by their exceptional customer service commitment and unique ability to tailor solutions to our specific needs. The expertise that Dataco provides makes us feel confident that we’re making the right decisions.”


“Dataco’s exceptional value lies in their profound data expertise and their dedication to customer service. They consistently demonstrate a deep understanding of our unique needs. The expertise that Dataco provides makes us feel confident that we’re making the right decisions”


We are Looker experts who know Looker’s ins and outs and are here to help you achieve your Looker initiatives.

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We help organizations convert their data and analytics into  data-driven storytelling