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From dashboards and graphs to interactive data exploration!

Experience how easy it is to embed dashboards, charts, and even a full analytics explorer experience into any website or portal with our Looker Embedded Analytics Demo.

Looker Embedded Analytics helps teams collaborate and track all live metrics from existing data thanks to a robust modeling layer and version control. It works with the current data warehouse, so there is no need to create a new data pipeline just for embedding analytics in any website or portal.

It also includes robust security and administration like a single sign-on, permissions, and restful API. This makes launching quickly and efficiently scale from 1 to 1,000 users easier.

Share with your employees, suppliers, partners, and customers the value of your data, with the power of Looker Embedded Analytics.

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Speed up building data apps

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Enhance user experiences

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Spend less on development

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Expand revenue streams

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Integrate workflows

Interact LIVE with our Looker Embedded Analytics Demo

Get instant access to explore our Looker Embedded Analytics Interactive Demo to experience the advantages of modern analytics on the Google Cloud BI platform.

In this demo, you will visualize and experience different implementations of embedded analytics, from dashboards and graphs to interactive data exploration!
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How we work together with Looker

As a certified Looker Consulting Partner with expertise, passion, and a white-glove approach, we help organizations customize their team data experience, reduce unnecessary expenditures, and gain a 360 view of their organization and customers. Our team of Looker-certified consultants will combine strategic consulting with modern technologies to empower your business with data-driven decisions.

Embedded Analytics with Looker


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