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Embedded Analytics

Embedded Analytics tools enable analytics capabilities for your business within the context of your applications. Embedded analytics facilitates the creation of data products and provides the flexibility to customize the solution to meet your unique business needs. It is also ideal for delivering insights to non-technical users and promoting data-driven decision-making.

What is Embedded Analytics?

Embedded analytics is the integration of reports, dashboards, data visualizations, and other BI capabilities into business applications and web portals. To make data usable and decision-making easier, a BI platform displays and manages information within the user interface of an application or product. Information and insights are delivered familiarly to users who want and need them.

Embedded Analytics

Top Four Embedded Analytics Benefits:

Increase Productivity

Increase productivity

Embedded analytics applications ensure enhanced efficiency by reducing the number of tools team members must use to collect, integrate, and analyze data. Often, data analysis is hindered by technological barriers. Eliminating these barriers increases productivity for organizations. With dashboards and reports built by experts, stakeholders can instantly access and understand insights.

Rather than switching between different applications, users can identify and resolve issues more quickly, saving them time and frustration.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

Users can quickly find answers to their questions with embedded analytics because they have more accessible, seamless access to data. Without having to log in, navigate, and learn a new tool, they can ask questions in a way that makes sense to them.

With embedded analytics software, customers are not limited to static reports or predefined questions. As a result, users can rapidly explore in-depth data to answer any questions they may have.

Monetize Your Data

Monetize your data

Create new revenue streams by leveraging your everyday business data and converting it into a product.

Businesses can also generate new revenue streams by integrating embedded analytics. With analytics, your business can monetize the data it creates and captures.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage

Identifying trends in your data allows you to stay ahead of your competitors when it comes to understanding markets and customers.

“According to the AnalyticsWeek Survey, 96% of project managers, software developers, engineers, and executives stated that embedded analytics contributes to their overall revenue growth, and 92% reported increased competitive differentiation.”

Embedded Analytics Examples Based on Industry

healthcare analytics

Embedded Analytics for Healthcare

1. Improve the accuracy of patient diagnosis

2.  Enhance the patient’s experience by providing more personalized care

3.  Discover ways to make operational and clinical decisions more efficiently and effectively, predict trends and even manage diseases as they spread

4.  Facilitate appointment scheduling, insurance processing, and referrals to improve the quality of care

marketing analytics

Embedded Analytics for Marketing

1.  Increase the value of your customers’ services, and build strong business relationships by promoting the right services to the right customers

2.  Identify target audiences and plan marketing campaigns accordingly

3.  Assess which strategies and content types are working and which aren’t

4.  Analyze the return on investment of marketing efforts and identify opportunities for improvement

healthcare analytics

Embedded Analytics for Retail

1.  Forecast sales and develop effective selling strategies

2.  Maintain stock levels and let stores always have enough products

3.  Predict future inventories by discovering true demand

4.  Provide companies with the ability to create custom recommendations based on their purchase history

healthcare analytics

Embedded Analytics for Financial Services

1.  Save time and effort when reporting financial information

2.  Manage budgets, financial plans, forecasts, and portfolios more efficiently

3.  Analyze existing portfolios and suggest investment opportunities to customers

4.   Evaluate risks and prevent fraud

healthcare analytics

Embedded Analytics for Manufacturing

1.  Produce in accordance with forecasts

2.  Manage the downtime of the production line in a timely manner

3.  Prevent production problems by discovering them in advance

4.   Supply chain and processes can be optimized, performance can be increased, quality can be ensured, and costs can be reduced

healthcare analytics

Embedded Analytics for Telecommunications

1.  Keep track of network coverage

2.  Identify end users’ behaviors and trends, segment the market to offer personalized deals to customers, and improve customer experience

3.  Utilize personalized usage reports to increase customer satisfaction and retention

4.  Resolve telecommunications network failures

Looker Embeded Analytics

The Looker embedded analytics platform opens countless opportunities, allowing companies to easily embed data from multiple sources. It allows data analysts, product managers, and developers to quickly develop customized applications and integrate analytics into websites, applications, and portals. Analytics can be embedded within workflows to give users the insights they need, including customer and partner-facing data discovery environments.

Looker embedded analytics can embed dashboards, extend service offerings, or develop entirely new services. Analytics can be tailored, integrated, and deployed to increase engagement and revenue.

Looker Embedded Analytics: How to Get Started

Learn how Looker can help you share insights with your customers, partners, and suppliers and drive business decisions.

Dataco’s interactive demo illustrates different implementations of embedded analytics, from dashboards and graphs to interactive data exploration.

Sign up to get instant access to experience our interactive demo and start imagining how far your business can go!

Three Ways to Implement Looker Embedded Analytics:

Looker’s embedded analytics can be customized and white labeled to serve internal employees and external customers. Looker embed can quickly incorporate self-service analytics capabilities into your business applications, tools, and workflows. The API also provides comprehensive functionality coverage and can fully power custom applications.

Private embedding:

Only authenticated users can view the content dictated by their assigned Looker permissions

Public Embedding:

With Looker’s Public Access option enabled, you can embed a visualization or data table into an external website using an HTML iframe tag.

Single sign-on embedding:

Users do not need an account with Looker to log in. Instead, users can authenticate through your application via the URL in an iframe.

How do we work together with Looker?

In partnership with Looker, Dataco helps organizations customize their team’s data experience, reduce unnecessary expenditures, and gain a 360-degree view of their organization and customers. Our team of experts combines strategic consulting with modern technologies to empower your business with data-driven decisions.


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